Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Storing of Larger Materials

The Robert C. Hansen Performing Arts collection is housed in the University Libraries Special Collections and University Manuscripts division of UNCG.
During a recent digitization project, it was discovered that several large scale theater posters were in need of restoration.
Once restored, these items needed special housing to continue in the process of preserving these unique items from University Manuscripts.

Preservation Services welcomed the challenge of designing and constructing enclosures that would allow for their protection.

The restored posters were rolled onto archival tubes that are 11" in diameter and 48" long.  A layer of Reemay was rolled with the poster and a length of cotton cord was used to tie at either end.

The boxes were built with an interior support to hold a rod upon which the tubes were suspended. 

This suspension allowed for the tube to hang freely, eliminating any pressure or weight from pressing on any part of the restored poster.

The dimensions of the boxes are 51" x 12" x 12".  A nice solution to a unique project.


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