Thursday, June 27, 2013

P a t r o n R E P A I R S

We appreciate the thought and, sometimes, we marvel at the ingenuity patrons employ in order to avoid what they feel might be a fine-worthy imperfection on an item from the library stacks charged to their account.

We do not charge patrons for normal wear and the subsequent tears and damages books suffer simply from being used a lot by our students and researchers.  It is our job to happily repair these items using archival materials.

  • Tape is bad.

  • Duct tape is especially bad.

  • Duct tape printed with big red smootchy lips is....amusing... but bad none the less.


  1. Agreed. Shared on FB and TW :)

    Sonya x
    Sago on Tuesdays bookbindery

  2. Who'd've thought...fascinating!