Thursday, January 15, 2015

Brazil's National Library - Biblioteca Nacional

I recently traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and one of my goals was to visit our National Library (Biblioteca Nacional). Situated at Avenida Rio Branco, in downtown Rio de Janeiro, the library is considered one of the ten biggest libraries in the world by UNESCO and is the biggest in South America, with more than 9 million volumes. 

In 2006 the library commemorated 200 hundred years of history. During this year, the National Digital Library was created, putting the National Library Foundation at the forefront of Latin American libraries. It is equal to the world's largest libraries in the collections scanning process and access to works and services via the Internet. One of its goal is the digitization of all journalistic Brazilian periodicals found in the country. 

The National Library has two preservation laboratories where they conserve and restore items from their collections and archives such as maps, periodicals, newspapers, photographs, books and manuscripts. I was welcomed by its coordinator, Jayme Spinelli, who did the tour with me through both labs. On this opportunity, I was able to share with him a little bit of the history of the University Libraries, the work we do at the Preservation Division, a book about the history of Greensboro and information materials about the University and the Libraries. At the end, he gifted us three volumes regarding the management and safety of library collections. 

Collaboration and outreach are key to enrich our views and expand our horizons!

Jayme Spinelli and Isabella Baltar

View of one of their Preservation laboratory.

Books gifted to UNCG University Libraries.

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